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4010 Duo, Charger Case, iCharger -

For those looking for the ultimate in portable charging, we have created a charging plate that is compatible with a Seahorse SE520 case. It was a tight fit, but it fits, and it's awesome! It is designed to house the iCharger in the center of the plate, charging ports near the lower section, and two HP server power supplies run in series. The power supplies are in a saddle type setup, with one on each side of the case. There is a big 80mm fan to move plenty of air to keep it cool, too. With the ability to charge...

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Charger Case, ISDT, T8 -

For those looking for a little more power in their portable charging setup than one with the ISDT Q6, we designed this charger kit based around the ISDT T8 charger, which outputs up to 8S at 30 amps! All this is crammed in a tiny Seahorse SE300 hard case with a power supply. We used a 1200w HP server power supply in this particular build. It is setup so that you can take the charger with you on the go, and power it off of a large battery or plug it into the wall when you get back home. Since...

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