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For those who have been looking for a portable workstation to do... well... whatever you want, but you have never seen what you were looking for, we have created the perfect workbench for your needs. This Field Bench is a modular portable work surface that you can customize to suite your needs and desires. The way we have our listings setup, you choose the BASE that you want, and then add ATTACHMENTS as you feel fit. This may come across as a little confusing, so please feel free to contact us with any questions! Shown here, is our standard sized Field Bench Base,...

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Polaris, RZR -

For a while now, we have been wanting to make some grill inserts for the Polaris RZR. Well, we started today with the 900 and 1000 XP grill. It turned out pretty darn cool! Expect more grills, for RZRs, other side by sides, and cars and trucks soon!

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