iCharger 4010 Duo Charger Case Kit

by Joey Sacco on March 08, 2019

For those looking for the ultimate in portable charging, we have created a charging plate that is compatible with a Seahorse SE520 case. It was a tight fit, but it fits, and it's awesome! It is designed to house the iCharger in the center of the plate, charging ports near the lower section, and two HP server power supplies run in series. The power supplies are in a saddle type setup, with one on each side of the case. There is a big 80mm fan to move plenty of air to keep it cool, too. With the ability to charge 1800w on 110V and the full 2000w on 220V, this truly is a beast of a portable charger setup.

Also shown here is one of our new lid kits, that provides storage above, in the lid. It is the perfect place to stow all the cables for charging duties, up and out of the way.  More on that soon, in another blog post!

These kits include an aluminum deck plate, with aluminum brackets behind, to hold everything together. The finish is a nice matte black power coat for great durability, as well as great looks. We tried to keep it as light as possible, since with two power supplies, and the 4010 duo, the entire package comes together at about 16 pounds 13 ounces fully built.

The provided brackets come with slots to give the assembler places to zip tie wires to, just to keep everything nice and tidy. All fasteners are stainless steel button heads, so they look great and will last forever.


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