Weld-It-Yourself Hub Stands for DIY Alignment

by Joey Sacco on October 26, 2021

We have always had a problem aligning cars from home. Inconsistent wheels, tires, strings, and string mounting points have always made it a challenge. 

To resolve this issue, we have developed our weld-it-yourself hub stands, designed to bolt in place of your wheel, to have a perfect reference plane in which to measure your alignment. You can measure camber using a digital angle finder, and measure toe off of our toe plates, using a matching pair of tape measures. 

After shimming beneath our roller plates, to ensure every corner is level, setting up an alignment at home in your garage cannot be easier!

The kit comes as a stack of parts, for you to weld together. This saves on costs for both manufacturing and shipping. We have created a tab and slot design, so that it self-jigs itself, to some extent, making the fabrication process much faster and easier. 

There are two roller options, one with ball transfer bearings, which are extremely low resistance, or a more affordable option: casters. This gives the Customer an option to save a little money, if ball transfers are a little out of the budget. 

Check them out in our store, HERE.