Field Bench Attachment - KSGER T12 Soldering Station Mount

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This attachment allows you to add a KSGER or Quicko, T12 soldering station off to the right side of your upper deck. It conveniently tucks it out of the way, so it is available, but takes up no space on your work surface. 

For a torch holder, we chose not to invent the wheel, since so many good ones are already available. We really like this one, by Hakko:

The KSGER soldering station may be purchased here:
V 2.1 -
V 3.0 -

The KSGER soldering station has quickly become our favorite soldering station, due to its small size, great power, and programmability.


- Can hold a KSGER or Quicko T12 soldering station
- Soldering station is attached using zip ties (not included)