BMW E36 Coolant Reservoir Bracket STEEL - For Fan Delete Mod (FDM)

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If you have performed a fan delete mod on your E36 BMW, good for you! Enjoy the peace of mind in the absence of an exploding mechanical fan! You may, however, have been faced with an issue of mounting your coolant reservoir, since the factory one mounts in the factory mechanical fan shroud.

Depending on your application, this unpainted, steel (we also offer this in aluminumbracket will help attach your factory coolant reservoir to your radiator with two drilled holes in the upper bracket of the radiator, and with an extension of your coolant reservoir sensor. The factory reservoir will press fit into this bracket with the assistance of soapy water. The bracket is plenty strong enough to hold the reservoir in place, even during track application. Some modifications to your hoses may be necessary. Placement of the bracket may be on the left or right hand side of the radiator, it is up to the buyer to choose their preferred location. Once the location has been determined, two holes will need to be drilled and the bracket will mount right up with the provided fasteners.

In the application shown, a single pusher fan (a factory two speed Volvo fan from various years bolts right in place of the factory fan, but has PLENTY more power) was installed in place of the factory electric fan in the front of the radiator, allowing for plenty of mounting room options on the backside of the radiator.