BMW 2002 Aluminum Door Panels - FRONT
BMW 2002 Aluminum Door Panels - FRONT
BMW 2002 Aluminum Door Panels - FRONT
BMW 2002 Aluminum Door Panels - FRONT

    BMW 2002 Aluminum Door Panels - FRONT


    Shown in a wrinkle black finish, please contact us if you would like this finish. We offer only the option for a matte black powder coat without contacting us. 

    This listing is for a pair of FRONT BMW 2002 (E10 chassis) door cards that are intended to replace your worn out factory cards. They can either be left raw aluminum, ordered in a powder coat finish, or upholstered to give a more factory look. This is the ultimate replacement option for your worn or missing factory cards. 

    There is no need to save the factory steel top piece, since these lay right into your factory weather strip clips, just like the originals. They are made from 0.063" aluminum, and will not rust, swell, or rot like the originals. 

       - Raw Aluminum - Sanded to debur heavy burs from manufacturing. Great if they will be painted or upholstered. 
       - Brushed Aluminum - We run the panels through the sander to debur, and we run it until the faces of the panels become uniformly sanded to give a raw brushed aluminum look
       - Powder Coat - We offer flat black powder coat, which is very durable, and looks great. We can offer custom coatings as well, please contact us for more information regarding custom colors.

    Factory Armrest or Door Pull: We can make the panels with holes to provide mounting of your factory armrests, or you can choose door pulls to omit the factory armrests and still have an option to pull your door closed. You can also opt to not have either, and just leave the door panel blank. 

    Factory Holes: We make the panels to line up with your factory door panel holes for mounting. We will include 8mm plastic panel clips to install the panels. If you choose to drill your own, we will include holes that are in predetermined spots for you to drill your own mounting holes in your door, for a fastener you provide. Holes will be about 3/16". Drilling your own allows the fasteners to be more evenly spaced, and provide an option for cleaner fastener to install.