School Bus RV Conversion Chapter 3 - Bus Warming Party

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School Bus RV Conversion Chapter 3 - Bus Warming Party

We like to party, that’s a fact. So when it came time for our annual ugly sweater Christmas party, it was inevitable that the bus would be incorporated.

Seeing as we had owned the bus for about a month at this time, Joey was a “pro” at driving it & decided a neighborhood tour of Christmas lights on the bus was necessary.

When the time came, thirty of our closest friends and family piled in the bus for the memorable event. We encouraged everyone to bring a camping chair since we only had two small couches on the bus at that time. I was in awe how effortlessly the bus moved with that many grown people inside. Then again, she used to carry double that amount of children in her heyday.

We sang and imbibed while Joey took us to view some spectacular light displays. There was only one road we had to avoid due to exceeding the allowable weight limit. But that’s ok; their lights weren’t that impressive anyways.

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