1993 BMW E36 Street and Track Build - Exhaust

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1993 BMW E36 Street and Track Build - Exhaust

Many people frown upon the use of a glass packs on any car other than a muscle car or American performance car. I will have to disagree, since any exhaust that performs well and sounds great should be installed on any vehicle in which satisfies this criteria. After much research through scouring the archives of YouTube for E36 exhaust clips, I decided to leave the factory midpipe alone. This meant leaving the factory catalytic converter as well as the factory resonators. The car comes with dual exhaust from the factory, with an X-pipe about half way down. The factory exhaust is said to perform well, but it is heavy, and the muffler is rather large and unsightly. It’s also pretty subtle in sound. Based on the YouTube research, mufflers tended to give off a raspy note, and glass packs sounded deep and throaty with the BMW inline 6. So, Flow Tech Red Hots were ordered in a 2.25″ flavor.

Update 1/4/18:

After 3 years, and 30,000 miles or so of use, the glasspacks have sounded great, and I often receive positive feedback on how well they sound. They have begun to rust on the exterior, but from what I can tell, the exhaust note has not been affected. 

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