Torsion Table Top KIT 3' x 5' x 6"

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For sale is a kit for a 3' x 5' torsion table top. This kit includes:

- 2 - 5 foot long outside pieces
- 2 - 3 foot long outside pieces
- 1 - 5 foot long internal web
- 2 - 3 foot long internal web

This kit provides the pieces to create your own torsion workbench with a 3 x 5 foot top, with a 6 inch tall height, and 4 inch tall openings to store tools, parts, and other items beneath the work surface. This kit interlocks together, and with glue, turns into a very sturdy, rigid, and lightweight structure. It is made from 1/2" (.47" nominal) birch plywood with a poplar core. The pieces are unfinished, and will ship right off the CNC router, and will need final touches done by the Builder. We have designed this kit to eliminate the hard work of a torsion table build, so the Builder can rough cut a top and bottom to install. We designed the kit to be able to be built with a small overlap at the corners, which will need to be finished with a flush cut router bit, or sander to clean it up.

We have also included an optional small notch to clear an LED light strip, for easy installation.

Please note: TOP AND BOTTOM NOT INCLUDED, and will need to be provided by the Builder.

If you have a CNC Router, or access to one, we also sell the .DXF file for use on your machine.