SR1-mkii Racing Simulator Chassis

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Upon much research into the world of sim racing, we came to the conclusion that there was not a solid option that bridges the gap between low cost rigs and the high dollar motion sims. We wanted to build a rigid cockpit that resembles an actual car chassis, and not a piece of furniture. Flex was not an option, no matter what components are mounted to the rig. Everything is highly adjustable, and modular. The pedal tray, shift mount, and other bracketry, is mounted to the round tubing of the frame. This allows all the brackets to be adjusted fore and aft in order to dial in the perfect setup. The steering wheel mount pivots up and down, telescopes in and out, and can move up and down. 


- All metal construction MADE IN THE USA 
- Extremely stiff, so much so that we placed a 1971 Datsun 240Z (2100 pounds) on the steering mount! If it can hold a car, it can withstand your wheel base forces!
- Highly adjustable
- Many options available to make this rig your own
- Mounting options for vibration transducers (wheels, seat, shifter, pedals, and steering)
- Mounting holes for a variety of different sim racing accessories
- Narrow enough to fit through doorways (when partially disassembled)
- Compatible with Ricmotech, SimXperience, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Next Level Racing, Frex and Logitech ecosystems

What does the rig come with?
- Chassis
- Steering tube with steering wheel mount
- Pedal tray
- Seat brackets
- Other accessories may be viewed and purchased

As shown, there is a chassis powder coated in chartreuse sherbet green powder coat, as well as flat black. Our standard chassis will be sold as flat black powder coat, or a custom color for an extra fee and leadtime. The additional fee will be determined by the color choice. 

Shipping will be done via freight, please contact us for a shipping quote. Typically, freight costs between $200-$400, depending on your location. If you require a lift gate for unloading, it is an additional charge. The pallets weigh in at about 200-250 pounds, and are 3 x 3 x 6 feet, so it may be able to be unloaded by hand, with help.