iCharger 4010 Duo / Seahorse 520/540 Field Charging Case Kit

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This is for an iCharger 4010 Duo compatible plate for a Seahorse 520/540 hard case. We make these plates in the United States out of a sturdy aluminum, with metal mounting brackets. Shown is an optional lid storage kit, but it is not included with the charger, but it can be purchased separately here.

The plate offers the ability to house your powerhouse of a 4010 Duo charger, with power supplies, in one case. This allows for a very clean setup for charging, and it is ready to take with you anywhere you want to go. It is designed to run only off a 110V AC supply. We designed this to squeeze two power supplies on each side of the charger, beneath the plate, in a saddle-type configuration. It's a very tight fit, and you may want to look at a larger case if your power supplies does not meet the criteria to fit within each of the two spaces (9" x 3.41" x 1.52" for each space).

For more detailed information about these plates, please read our blog post on them, here.

We also have a How-To guide for building your charging case here.

What is included:
 - Charger Plate 
 - Brackets to Install iCharger 4010 Duo
 - Stainless Fasteners to Complete a Build
 - IEC Power Receptacle
 - One 80mm fan
 - Voltage Regulator  (eBoot LM2598)
 - Optional Inputs and Outputs

Required to finish a build:
 - iCharger 4010 Duo
 - Seahorse 520 Hard Case
 - Power Supply Source (one or two power supplies, not larger than (9" x 3.41" x 1.52")
 - Your balance boards that came with your charger
 - Wires and Connectors