Nobsound NS-03G FR Amplifier Mount For SR1-mkii Racing Simulator

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In order to get the most from your static rig, tactile feedback is crucial to providing a higher level of immersion. In addition to the shaker mounts that we offer, you will need an amplifier to power them. After extensive research, we have determined that the Nobsound NS-03G full range amplifier is the perfect power house for a Datyon BST-1 transducer. 

The amps are great, but there needs to be a good way to mount them. This bracket is designed to mount four of your Nobsound amps to it, to neatly add them to your racing simulator. We provide the option to add tube clamps, which will easily mount anywhere on our SR1-mkii chassis, or you can purchase the mount without the tube clamps, for other mounting. 

Nobsound amplifiers are NOT included, but can be purchased here:

 - Bracket to mount four Nobsound NS-03G amplifiers
 - Optional 1.5" tube clamps