Korg Volca Synthesizer Stand

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If you have a Korg Volca, you know how fun they can be. However, with their small size, and so many potential cables that can be inserted into each one, there becomes the issue of too many cables per square foot of desk space, as well as a bunch of synthesizers, when you accumulate more than one.

This is our simple, yet elegant solution to organize the cabling behind this stand, as well as mount them vertically for easy access, as well as reduce the clutter on the desk. Being able to support your hands on the aluminum rack sides, while making adjustments makes this rack essential to your music production workflow.

Unlike other stands we have seen on the market, we have positioned each Volca with enough clearance for the cabling that is installed, so the synthesizer below does not block the keys on the unit above. This offset conveniently creates a gap in between each Volca to pass cables through the rack, to be hidden behind.

The rack is created using 1/4" wood sheet, skinned with flat black powder coated aluminum. We can also do custom colors, so inquire if interested.

- Wood and Aluminum Construction
- Extremely Sturdy
- Improved Ergonomics
- Space Savings and Space for Cable Management