Four Female 4mm Banana Jacks - Solder/Spade

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  • These banana jacks fit our charging plates and offer a spade style connection. We typically will solder to the spade, however, in order to ensure a solid connection for higher amperage installs, such as in our charger kits. They are a cheaper alternative to the threaded banana jacks that we also offer.
  • - Two black and Two red jack
  • - Mounting Dimensions:12mm (max thickness of the panel 6mm)
  • - Contact Size (mm):6 x 0.8 (6mm width,0.8mm thickness,can use for 6.3mm Crimp Terminals); Connection: wire solder or 4.8 * 0.8 Male Faston;
  • Material: Nylon PA66 + Copper Nickel-plated; (More resistant to high temperature than plastic shell)
  • - Voltage / Current: CATIII 1000V / Max.32A;Total length: 30mm; Weight:4.8g(1 Piece); - Suitable for 4mm Banana Plug Connector