Field Bench - Portable Hobby Workstation Workbench

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Meet the Field Bench. This is a tool we designed out of necessity. There wasn't anything like it on the market, so we took it into our own hands to make our own portable workstation. This is for the Maker, the Hobbyist, the Tinkerer, the Worker. It is designed to hold all your tools to complete the task at hand, and they are arranged so they are all visible, and out of the way, yet within arms reach. The entire setup may be relocated when the session is done, and stowed away out of sight until the next session. This makes it perfect for use in the living room, on the dining table, in bed, in the field, at your local hobby gathering, in the restroom, You get the idea.

We were tired of struggling with having a nice space for small projects. Getting all the tools out, containing fasteners and circuit boards, and then cleaning it all up at the end made projects seem less fun. With the organization and spacious work area of these portable workbenches, clean up and setup is as easy as grabbing the entire workbench and just relocating it to the next area, or storage space.

- Tool Holes are .55" in Diameter
- Powder Coated Finish (Upper deck and sides are coated in a Prismatic Powders "Black Frost", a charcoal vein color. The lower deck color may be selected.)
- Aluminum or Steel Lower Tray
- Steel Sides and Upper Deck
- Stainless Hardware

Work Dimensions:
-  27" Wide by 18" Deep

- Tray Material
   - Aluminum - Light weight, non magnetic
   - Steel - Slightly Heavier (6.25 pounds more), very stable, magnetic
- Color of Powder Coat - (Custom colors can be discussed, just shoot us a message!)
- Attachments - Customize your Field Bench with modular attachments. All attachments may be see here: FIELD BENCH ATTACHMENTS
- Want to place your logo on these, and sell them at your Hobby Shop, Maker Space or next event? Talk to us about wholesale pricing.

What's Included:
- Lower Tray, Sides, and Upper Deck
- Stainless Hardware for Assembly
- Bottle Barrier
- Rubber Stripping for Handle Grip and Lower Tray Front Lip

Not Included:
- Tools
- Lights
- RC Cars
- Projects Shown in Images
- Any Parts Shown in Images

In the images, the Large Field Bench is shown with a 1/10 scale drift RC car, as well as a 1/24 scale model car, for scale. None of these items are included in this sale.