Field Bench Base - Standard Size - Portable Work Bench

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Finally, we have designed a portable workstation for you to take your hobby to the next level, anywhere you want to go. This workbench offers a modular design, which can be customized, with our growing selection of attachments, to suit your hobby, or hobbies, perfectly. We have it shown in a configuration that is good for RC car maintenance, however it can be used for most any hobby, ranging from painting and fly tying, to RC car/drone and gun maintenance, as well as anything and everything in between. We offer a magnetic strip along the front to hold loose or runaway screws. 

What this listing is for, is for our STANDARD sized BASE. The BASE, consists of the main tray with an optional magnetic strip, without any attachments, but room for 12 bolt holes worth of attachments. Tools are also not included. The bench offers a 28 inch wide by 18 inches deep. 

Attachments can be purchased separately, in order to customize your workbench to fit your needs. Check back often, because we will be making more attachments that can work with all the different sizes we offer!

As shown, the following attachments are installed:
Left Tool Holder - Large Holes with Tape Tabs
Middle Tool Holder - Large Holes with Soldering Arms
Right Tool Holder - Large Holes with Wrench Tabs
Two Steel Light Tabs 
Tablet Shelf
1/4" Socket Set Organizer
- Magnetic Strip

We understand this can get a little confusing, so please feel free to contact us with any questions!