Decorative Mermaid Metal Sign

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This decorative mermaid is cut from 14ga (0.0747") hot rolled steel sheet. It is very durable, and features a very unique raw steel finish. The finish will rust over time in if exposed to the weather, however if hung inside, it will not rust. We leave our pieces raw so that the purchaser may let the piece acquire its own patina over time, or paint it the way they wish. It is 11" wide and 18" tall. All our pieces are made IN HOUSE in the United States of America!

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- Raw Steel Finish
- 14ga Thick Hot Rolled Steel
- 18" Tall
- 11" Wide

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Please understand that our pieces are made from raw steel, and due to the fact that steel can vary in finish depending on age, and where the steel was originally manufactured. Our rendering represents the color of a typical piece of raw steel in typical light seen in a home. In the sun or other brighter source of light, the piece can become more silvery in appearance. *