BMW E36 Coupe Door Panel Delete Cards - Flat

    BMW E36 Coupe Door Panel Delete Cards - Flat


    This pair of door panels are made from 0.060″ aluminum and feature a door handle cut out, as well as other options. These panels will fit your 1994-1999 E36 coupe or convertible. We have a number of options for fitment, which range from a blank panel with a door handle cut out and mirror switch hole.

    Fasteners are not included, though we have provided holes for easy mounting. The mounting holes do not disturb the factory mounting holes, so you can revert to factory panels at any time. The panels will be shipped in an unfinished, raw aluminum finish. 

    These will not fit 1992-1993 cars, due to the larger window motor. We do offer a boxed door panel that will fit them, however.

    Door Panel Options:
    - Speaker Holes - Holes for your factory speakers
    - Mirror Switch Hole (mirror switch pops into the hole)
    - Finish:
       - Raw - The door panels come standard in a raw aluminum finish, which removes the burs from manufacturing. It is a great option if the Customer chooses to wrap or paint the panels. 
       - Brushed - This option give the panels a brushed, more finished look, but still not coated, so it may be susceptible to finger prints. 
       - Swirled - Swirling the doors adds a somewhat  psychedelic aesthetic to the door panels that looks almost three dimensional. It is still not coated, so it may show finger prints, but looks great with a candy or a clear coat added by the Customer
      - Black Powder Coat - This ensures a very refined, durable finish. The panels will be coated on the front side, and some on the backside, but not the entire backside. Powder coat will take additional manufacturing time, and will not fall within our 5 business day ship time. If you would like a custom color, please contact us.

    Disclaimer: Our automotive components are intended for off-road use only.