BMW E36 Spare Tire and Battery Trunk Delete

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Looking to get rid of your spare tire tub and relocate your battery? Well this will do just the trick! We designed this to slide into your spare tire tub, and it sits on the seams of your unibody frame, and can be welded or riveted in. This includes the spare tire and battery delete. 

Keep in mind, since there is no lip to rest on in the front or back of this panel, L brackets may need to be used (we do not offer the L brackets) to mount them to the body if not welding. Also, since all bodies can be slightly different, there may need to be some slight trimming to fit into your car. 

When selecting material, see below descriptions:

14ga Hot rolled steel - This will be your cheapest option from us, because we cut so much of it, we always have it in stock and usually cut some every day. It will have a mill scale finish. 16ga is a little thinner (0.06" vs 0.074") so it will be lighter, but less sturdy. (weight about 19 pounds)
14ga Pickled and Oiled - This is the same material as hot rolled, but the mill scale has been removed and it is oiled to prevent rust during transit. (weight about 19 pounds)
0.063" Aluminum - This will be the lightest option, but it will not be able to be welded to your car, and will have to be attached using fasteners.