BMW E36 Coupe Door Panel Repair Brackets

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If you own an E36, chances are you have dealt with dreaded door panel issues of deterioration and falling apart. The mounting bracket on the very top of the door panel, oftentimes breaks around the clips due to old age or improper removal. To remedy this this issue, we have made a replacement part from aluminum, that will not deteriorate, rot, or crack. We have a series of holes to allow adhesive to really bite the new bracket so it won't want to come back off. We have had good success (if proper prep work has been performed) with two part epoxies and Goop adhesives for attaching these to the panel. The panel must be cleaned from any previous adhesive, cleaned, and scuffed to allow the adhesive to bite onto the inner surface of the door panel. 

When installing them, it is best to install the bracket on the door, apply adhesive to the prepped door panel, and place the panel on the bracket, that is still attached to the door. Then applying masking tape to keep the panel held to the door as the adhesive dries for an appropriate amount of time.