Torsion Table Top DXF Files 3' x 5' x 6"

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For sale is a .RAR file that contains the .DXF files for a 3' x 5' torsion table top. This purchase includes the following .DXF files:

- 2 - 5 foot long outside pieces
- 2 - 3 foot long outside pieces
- 1 - 5 foot long internal web
- 2 - 3 foot long internal web
- 1 Top/Bottom

This download provides the .DXF files to create your own torsion workbench with a 3 x 5 foot top, with a 6 inch tall height, and 4 inch tall openings to store tools, parts, and other items beneath the work surface. When cut, this kit interlocks together, and with glue, turns into a very sturdy, rigid, and lightweight structure. The files are designed to work with a .47" nominal thickness plywood, and so some tweaking may be needed if your plywood varies. We designed the kit to be able to be built with a small overlap at the corners, which will need to be finished with a flush cut router bit, or sander to clean it up.

The top / bottom file is sized so that there will be a minor overlap around the perimeter, to be cleaned up with a flush cut router bit.

We have also included extra files that include a small notch to clear an LED light strip, for easy installation.

These files were produced by a competent Designer, with an Engineering background. The Designer has built his own CNC plasma and router table, and understands the process for making a clean file which can be used, free of flaws. With this said, please understand that we are only providing the .DXF files necessary to cut the parts yourself. You will need an understanding of your machine, and how to use it properly. We will offer support, should the file become corrupt during digital transit. We will not offer technical support for your machine, or the software in which your machine uses to operate.

By purchasing this DIGITAL collection of files, You agree NOT to resell this file, or any products created using these files. By purchasing, You agree to use these files for personal use only. You may cut these files as many times as you wish, as long as they are NOT sold, and the files are NOT sold or resold.