Field Bench Attachment - Tablet/Document Shelf

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This is a tablet or document shelf attachment for our Field Bench. It pops in the back rail of the field bench and can be mounted anywhere along the length of the back side. It is the perfect attachment to set your tablet to watch instructional videos or how-to's while working on your project. You can place kit instructions, or model kit trees on it, so they're out of your way, too. All the sizes are the same height, but the width changes. 

 - Small - 9.5" wide sized to hold a 10" tablet or smaller, or a set of kit instructions. 
 - Medium - 19" wide sized to hold multiple items 
 - Large - 31in wide sized to extend the full width of the upper deck to hold all of the things.

We understand this can get a little confusing, so please feel free to contact us with any questions!