Chastity Belt Trailer Lock

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A customer came to us with a problem: his work trailer was stolen, and a large amount of his tooling was stolen once the trailer was recovered. The problem was: he needed a lock that a theft would be deterred from. OK. Don't these exist? We looked long and hard for a lock that looked stout enough to consider purchasing. WE DIDN'T FIND ONE. All the products we saw were just plain whimpy. If I had a trailer full of my business tools, I wouldn't trust any of them to keep my investments safe. Being that we are a fabrication company, and we know very well how to cut and manipulate metal, we designed a lock that we wouldn't want to waste our time cutting off, even if we had the proper tools on hand. This is what we came up with. 

If you want to know that your tools are safe in your trailer, choose our chastity belt. 

Locks are not included, and will need to be purchased by the customer.