Dayton BST-1 Shaker Mount For SR1-mkii Racing Simulator

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In order to get the most from your static rig, tactile feedback is crucial to providing a higher level of immersion. We have made mounts for Dayton BST-1 shakers that bolt straight to our frame. No tube clamps that slip, but a solid bolt on design. This is for ONE mount, so that you may customize your rig anyway you want. 

The universal bolt pattern included on the mount, is able to be mounted in a number of locations around our chassis, and the mount is asymmetrical, to allow for clearance around other items that have been mounted. 

These are priced to be included with the purchase of our racing simulator chassis. Dayton BST-1 shakers are NOT INCLUDED with the bracket.

If you would like a shaker mount for your extrusion chassis, you can find them here:
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