Portable Field Charging Box Plate for SINGLE ISDT Q6/Q8 Charger and Seahorse 120 Case

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This is for a SINGLE ISDT Q6 or Q8 compatible plate for a Seahorse 120 hard case. We make these plates in the United States and offer them in:
- Laser cut acrylic in clear, clear fluorescent green, and opaque black
- Black power coated aluminum, with steel mounting brackets.

The plate offers the ability to charge using an input of 7-32V DC (via input banana jacks). This way you can charge off your car or large 6S packs in the field. This case most likely will not be large enough to house a power supply, and will have to rely on an external source of power. 

For more detailed information about these plates, please read our blog post on them, here.

For a How To Guide on how to build your kit, look here!

What is included:
 - Charger Plate 
 - Brackets to Install ISDT Q6 or Q8 Charger
 - Stainless Fasteners to Complete a Build

Required to finish a build:
 - ISDT Q6 or Q8 Charger
 - Seahorse 120 Hard Case
 - Power Supply  (We prefer HP HSTNS-PL18 750w or DPS 1200FB 1200w server power supplies)
 - AC Plug and Switch (Urbest L29)
 - 4 Banana Jacks 
 - Balance Board  (Apex RC JST-XH)
 - USB Charging Ports (optional, any that mount into a 1-1/8" hole)
 - 60mm Fan 
 - Voltage Regulator  (eBoot LM2598)
 - Wires and Connectors
 - 2 XT60 Female Connectors