BMW E36 Coupe Door Panel Delete Cards - Boxed

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This pair of door panels are made from 0.060″ aluminum and feature a door handle cut out, as well as other options. These panels will fit your 1992-1999 E36 coupe or convertible. We have a number of options for fitment, which range from a blank panel with a door handle cut out, speaker holes, and mirror switch holes

Fasteners are not included, though we have provided holes for easy mounting. The mounting holes do not disturb the factory mounting holes, so you can revert to factory panels at any time. The panels will be shipped in an unfinished, raw aluminum finish. 

These panels are boxed in order to clear the large window motors of the early 1992-1993 cars. If these are installed on an airbag car, the door handle linkage will need to be relocated to outside of the door, in order to fit our door handle adapter. We do sell a flat door panel for easier installation on airbag cars. 

Door Panel Options:
– Speaker Holes
– Mirror Switch Hole (mirror switch pops into the hole)
– Blank, with door handle holes

We can make the panels in other thicknesses and can also cut custom designs into the panel. Contact us for more information regarding custom work.

Disclaimer: Our automotive components are intended for off-road use only.