Yeah Racing Desert Lizard Shocks

by Joey Sacco on March 02, 2019

Alright, so we haven't had much experience with all the different varieties of shocks out there to choose from, but we have had some. The stock TRX4 shocks are great, the stock Axial ones, kit or not, leak right out of the box. We have sources that explain that high end incisions leak out of the box and need to be topped off after each ride. Many of the cheaper shocks in the $25-30 range (blue ones, specifically) are complete junk and blow out and leak and explode on the trail. We have Proline slash shocks in a 90mm flavor on our Wraith, and they work well, but pricey. If you want to tweak spring rates, more springs need to be purchased to do so.

Enter the Yeah Racing Desert Lizards. These things are great. They're very affordable, at around $40 for a set of 4. We chose 90mm for our SCX10ii build. They have an internal spring, so it's super clean, has great clearance when considering turning radius and scrubbing tires. The fit and finish is great, they look great, and they are the easiest shock to bleed, that we have encountered. All that is needed is to top off the cylinder, and screw on the cylinder cap with the shock at full compression.

There is a relief to bleed out the excess oil, and once the cap is fully installed, it's done! No guessing and checking, adding oil, removing oil, cussing, etc. The only con, if you consider it a con, is the adjustable spring tension on the shock barrel. However, the shocks come with a full set of springs to swap out and tweak to the perfect setup. They include sets of two springs for each shock in a droop setup, or a single spring to allow for a standard setup. They even include a series of pistons with different hole numbers to adjust the damping! All of this for $40? Yeah, this is our new favorite shock, and they will most likely be showing up on our other rigs very soon!

Get yours here:
Red: https://amzn.to/3yX10gG
Black: https://amzn.to/3wLaQiM
Orange: https://amzn.to/3LKb3Zd
Green: https://amzn.to/39QP5Gl
Gun Metal: https://amzn.to/3wEugad


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