School Bus RV Conversion Chapter 6 - Floor Plan

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School Bus RV Conversion Chapter 6 - Floor Plan

Once the insulation was complete, it was time to decide where we wanted everything to go. It made sense to have the living room in the front when you first walked in. If our TN selves are anything like our FL selves, we will be entertaining and hosting events, even when we move into our micro home! So we needed to leave enough space in the front for a couch or two. I foresee some fun dinner parties in our future!


The midsection will be the kitchen with plenty (relatively speaking) of counter space to me to cook up marvelous creations and not feel cramped. And the back section will be the bathroom and the bedroom.

Once we knew where we wanted the kitchen to go, we welded up a frame for the counter top to rest on, as well as one for the cabinet that would go directly next to the counter.

After the frames were complete, we made some drawers to slide into the cabinets. In retrospect, if we were to do this again, we would have just purchased the drawers since this was not our strong suit. You live, you get pissed off, you learn.


We used a cherry stain for the cabinet fronts. Little did we know this would complement our future mahogany flooring, but more on that later!

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