Plasma Cutter Gen 2 - Part 8: Gantry Shake Resolution

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Plasma Cutter Gen 2 - Part 8: Gantry Shake Resolution

Alright, I added two bearings on each side to fight the vibration… and it was a complete success!

I tested the x carriage the same way, but at 1000 IPM @ 80 in/s/s and I measured only .001″ deflection. Of course this is EXTREMELY high of a speed and acceleration, I just wanted to see what I could measure. I ran my gantry at this speed in both the X and Y direction and didn’t lose any steps too, which is pretty cool.

I then tested it at 300 IPM @ 45 in/s/s and measured about .00025″ of deflection. This is a more realistic cutting speed, and the deflection is more than acceptable for my application. I feel much better now that I added the additional bearings.

I think once this machine is up and running, I will use it to build new carriages for itself that look a little more aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps it is just me being OCD, but I want this thing to look good and perform even better than it looks. We will see!

Here is a picture of the modification:

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