Plasma Cutter Gen 2 - Part 14: Floating Head Design

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Plasma Cutter Gen 2 - Part 14: Floating Head Design

I finished my floating head. I designed it similar to that of the second iteration of my first machine. The Z axis shares the same V rail as the floating head. The floating head is as long as it is, because it will clear the V bearings for the Z axis, as well as act like a strong back for the torch and prevent it from shaking during quick Y axis maneuvers.

Using the slots in the X axis V rail extrusion, I have placed a stop for the floating head to keep it from dropping off. On the upper side, there I am able to attach a bolt to hold a spring, which mounts between the V rail and the floating head, where it has a slot to adjust the spring tension. The spring is used to make the head as weightless as possible so that the torch doesn’t have to hit the work piece as hard or bend the work piece down due to the weight of the floating head. I learned this on my first build.

Everything is extremely tight, and there is no play anywhere.

The torch will mount with two U-bolts with gas line over the U-bolt. Nice, simple, sturdy, and low dollar.

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