CNC Plasma Cutter Iteration 1: Impulse Buys

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CNC Plasma Cutter Iteration 1: Impulse Buys

Well, let’s start off with a little background on the topic. CNC plasma cutters… Only the rich guys have one, or someone with a successful shop, right? That wasn’t good enough for us. Tegan and I knew we could find a use for one of these awesome machines. What? We didn’t know. We would figure it out.

I looked and researched far and wide for a solution to our desire to own one of these machines. There are tons of options – purchase a pre-made unit, a kit, scratch build, or any combination of those three. I have seen some people build machines on various sites across the web. Why couldn’t we?

That’s when the initial purchase happened. I was doing a little research on the topic one day, and stumbled upon a strikingly attractive setup. It was a controller board kit for a CNC machine, made by a gentleman by the name of Dave Rigotti, over on It was $99 for the 4-axis kit, which had to be soldered together. No problem. How could we lose for 100 bucks!? This is a great way to start a machine, we thought. They also sell stepper motors, so we snagged four 305oz motors to start with.

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