CNC Plasma Cutter Iteration 1: Gantry Time!

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CNC Plasma Cutter Iteration 1: Gantry Time!

Cool, now there is a table, some carriages, a couple motors and a motor controller. Next is a gantry! In case you are unaware, the gantry is the main component to a CNC machine. It is the support that spans the X axis, in which all motors and axes are located. A gantry is typically what a CNC kit consists of. Our gantry consists of 2″x2″ 11ga square tubing.  As you can see, it is very smooth!


Alright, so we have an X and Y axis, now that the gantry is installed, as well as the X axis carriage. Now we need a Z axis. The Z axis is comprised of 90 degree V-rails and matching bearings. Using Gorton, we were able to make very precise parts for this to keep the table nice and tight. For iteration 1, we decided on Acme thread as the drive mechanism.

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