Axial SCX10ii CRC Jeep Wrangle RC Crawler Project

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Axial SCX10ii CRC Jeep Wrangle RC Crawler Project

We have just recently acquired a slightly used Axial SCX10ii CRC Jeep Wrangler RC crawler rig, since we loved building the Axial-based Wraith so much. We love our TRX4 to the max, but something about the simplicity of the Axial setups are just intriguing. Less parts to break, much less weight, and pure crawler performance. We hope to be doing some upgrading soon and tweaking on this platform, and perhaps bring some aftermarket parts to the table.

So far, we have taken it on a drive, and it appears to be very capable right out of the box. Though, we cannot leave anything stock around here, so that will soon change. Our first thoughts are that the body looks pretty killer, and the edges of the lexan body slide into the rock sliders to add stability for the body. Cool on paper, I guess, but in practice, anytime the truck takes a roll or brushes on an obstacle, the body pops out and stays that way until fixed. It is rather frustrating looking at your crawler with a completely distorted body when you are trying to have some scale fun.

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