1993 BMW E36 Street and Track Build - Rear Shock Reinforcements

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1993 BMW E36 Street and Track Build - Rear Shock Reinforcements

As mentioned earlier, the E36 is an excellent chassis to build a performance car from, however it comes with its downfalls. Since the car was the first to be designed in CAD (computer aided design), the area on the unibody where the rear shock mounts is prone to failure. What happens, is from continual use with a performance suspension, the rear shock mount can mushroom the unibody and can even lead to the point where the rear shock will just rocket through the unibody and into the trunk area. In order to battle this problem, a reinforcement plate can be installed on the top side, sandwiching the weaker metal of the subframe between the rear shock mount (which mounts below), and the rear shock mount reinforcement plate. Some people install the reinforcement plates that came with a Z3 from the factory, but since we can make our own, we chose to do so. We made these out of 1/8″ steel plate, and made them larger than the Z3 plates to further strengthen the area. With a larger area, larger radius curves were put into the design to further spread the load out, without giving a piercing effect during use (think can opener). Here is what we came up with:

As you can see in the following picture, they fit like a charm! Even before bolting down, there is little room for them to move around, but there is just enough adjustability to allow for differences in between each individual car. They are available in our store here.

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