Field Bench - Portable Workbench for Tinkering, Making, Fixing, Doing, Etc.

by Joey Sacco on November 02, 2018

For those who have been looking for a portable workstation to do... well... whatever you want, but you have never seen what you were looking for, we have created the perfect workbench for your needs. 

This Field Bench is a modular portable work surface that you can customize to suite your needs and desires. The way we have our listings setup, you choose the BASE that you want, and then add ATTACHMENTS as you feel fit. This may come across as a little confusing, so please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Field Bench with 1/10 scale RC Crawler

Shown here, is our standard sized Field Bench Base, which features a spacious 28 by 18 inches of working space, with the following attachments installed:
- Left Tool Holder - Large Holes with Tape Tabs
- Middle Tool Holder - Large Holes with Soldering Arms
- Right Tool Holder - Large Holes with Wrench Tabs
- Two Steel Light Tabs 
- Tablet Shelf
- 1/4" Socket Set Organizer
- Magnetic Strip

In the above picture, a 1/10 scale RC Crawler can be seen in the work space. In this case, we are showing a Traxxas TRX-4

To show how many tools are actually organized into this bench, here is everything sitting in a pile before being installed!

Here, the same bench is shown with an Axial Wraith, which is a much larger RC crawler, closer to that of a 1/8 scale RC car. 

For those with 1/10 scale touring cars, this is how much space you have to work with: